Comic Delays - Computer Problems and Family Stuff
by K. L. S.

Very sorry for the large batch update today. I have been having very odd computer problems. Several programs I have will not open, one of the programs in question being Clip Studio Paint, the program I use to draw my comics in.

A friend managed to set up a work around for now (but NOT fix the problem) but the work around also comes will a few other additional problems, with a lot of the tools I need to complete a comic page not working, but basic tools working, and me not having my sign up data for any of the sites I upload to, so I've pretty much just been uploading on Tapastic alone, having me do a batch upload when I'm able to get back to my computer (that will not run my program) I'll try to keep that from happening again, it's just a lot of jumping through hoops and extra steps that I don't always have time for.

In addition to computer problems, I also had a lot of family stuff going on that I have to attend to last week (giving me not a whole lot of work time), and possibly will have to attend to this week, which will actually take me out of the city for the week, so I will not be able to draw at all.

I'm very sorry for the trouble.

Edit: The friend who did the work around was able to get the tools that were missing showing up again after some more work, I still need to check through it to make sure I have everything but from glancing over the lists it looks like most of what I need is there

Second Anniversary
by K. L. S.

This week on June 23 'No Future' will be celebrating it's second anniversary. To celebrate I'll be releasing double updates for this week for you to enjoy. I'll also be trying to do more live streaming this week to celebrate (maybe even with mic on if my noisy house cooperates), so be sure to drop by to see if it's up if you get the chance. You can chat and keep me company while I work, ask questions or just drop in an say hi, all is appreciated.

As always I appreciate the reader response I have gotten from this series, I'm still find myself surprised with how far I've managed to get in the story as well as how much you all enjoy it, which I can see with the series slow yet steady growth.

Reading through the comments section is a lot of fun and I enjoy looking forward to what everyone has to say. Thanks for sticking with me thus far and putting up with me when I have downtime. I hope we can continue to enjoy the series together.

Annual Shipping Wars 2016
by K. L. S.

February 14 coming up, so it’s time to do the annual Valentines shipping war. This year we’ll be including No Future as well! So nominate and vote for your favourite couple (canon or non-canon, it doesn’t mater) the winning couple for each series gets an artwork of them drawn.

For step one I need the nominations to vote for, so PM or leave a comment nominating the couple or couples (from Raven Wolf and No Future) you would like to see on the voting list.

Dog Getting Leg Amputated
by K. L. S.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been unable to upload pages the last couple of days, and for those of you who know me a little better I have been very difficult to get hold of to talk to. Though a lot of BS has been happening to stress me out or make things difficult the big one that managed to knock me over finally happen. If you want to know why that is then continue reading. I'm sorry if I am not very good at wording or typing today, I have a very large stress induced migraine. Anyway.

My dog fell down the stairs and broke his leg, at least that is what we thought happened, it turned out that he didn't fall down and break his leg, he fell down because he was trying to use the stairs and his leg was broken.

When we took him to the vet they discovered that he has cancer, and the reason his leg was broken was because a tumor in his leg had grown so large it had broken then bone.

My options were to put him down, or have his leg amputated. Then optionally, follow that up with chemo.

So I went the amputation root, he had the surgery yesterday and I have been told it went well, he is eating and such but he's still not standing up on his own at the moment, so he'll be staying at the vet for today as well.

Without chemo, I have been told that he has a 'good' six month left, with chemo it would be a 'good' year. I'm still on the fence with chemo for two reasons, I most likely will not be able to afford it as well as I don't treatments like that to make him miserable (what would be the point to prolonging his life if he's just going to be sick and miserable the whole time?)

What does this mean? Well, my dog has cancer, and not much time left. I want to be able to spend more time with him while I can. This also means that my computer well be going back down to the main floor (because he can't get up the stairs) so little to no privacy for me while I am on the internet or working on the computer.

I will do my best to keep working on my webcomics, but the pacing on them may unfortunately be unsteady and all over the place. (again, this is not the only thing making things difficult for me to work on art at the moment) I understand that things are already going pretty slow, but I will do the best I can to keep them going despite the snail like release schedule.

Comic Releases are Behind
by K. L. S.

Very sorry about the lack of updates. My health has not been the best, so I have been only been able to focus updates to Tapastic for a while. Then a few days ago I started falling behind on new pages, as the wiring in the walls of my room the computer is in decided that it was a good idea to short and burn itself, so we had to get someone to come and rip wires out of the wall and fix everything.

The electricity is back in working order now, and though my health is fluctuating badly at the moment I am hoping that I am well enough to at least try and get other websites caught up on the pages that they have missed as I try to get back on track.

Review by Okee Doku
by K. L. S.

A review on youtube by Okee Doku for my webcomic No Future. Check it out if ya have the time =) I know it made my day ^^